The Properties of Acrylic

There are lots of different laptop stands, monitor risers, and other accessories available for laptops and computers, the majority of which are made with acrylic plastic. Of all the different plastics, acrylic is one of the most well-known and popular on the market. It’s not too hard to understand why if you know more about the properties of acrylic and what it can do.

Acrylic originally became popular as an alternative to glass for windows and panels because it is as transparent as glass while also being ten times more resistant to impact than glass. It quickly became popular with DIYers because it is so malleable and easy to work with. These properties also made it the ideal material to use to make desk furniture and ergonomic accessories and aids.

Acrylic Properties

  • Aesthetics

The aesthetic appeal of acrylic is one of the better-known properties it possesses. It looks like glass and is transparent, but is available in a variety of different colors. It’s thanks to this color range that acrylic can be used to create any furniture for any kind of home and office. If you find something that isn’t in the color you want, it’s all too easy to have it custom-made in your chosen color.

  • Strength

Electronic equipment such as computers and printers can be pretty expensive, so you want to be sure that any stands you get for them are strong and versatile enough to hold them. The good news is that acrylic is indeed sturdy enough for the job. There’s no need to worry about resting your expensive monitors and laptops on an acrylic stand, provided no one spilled alcohol all over it!

  • Durability

It seems these days like things aren’t built to last anymore. Perhaps they really don’t make things like they used to. This isn’t the case with acrylic though, as it is tough, durable, and has been sued for over half a century. So things made from acrylic are indeed built to last, just like they always were.

You may find yourself drawn to a metal stand because you feel it is tough and rugged. Metal stands can be pretty tough indeed, but their protective coats inevitably erode over time and they start to tarnish. An acrylic stand doesn’t need a protective coating as it is naturally hardy and so it doesn’t react badly to the surrounding environment.

  • Malleable

The malleable nature of acrylic is something manufacturers will appreciate more than users, but it allows for the material to be worked easily and shaped into just about any design. That means that acrylic can be used to create stands and screens in a range of sizes complete with small alterations to the design, ensuring the stand can be used with the latest models and styles of laptops and monitors.

  • Thermoplastic

One great thing about acrylic that makes it such a workable material is that it is thermoplastic. Basically, it goes soft when exposed to extreme temperatures. After softening like this, it is easy to shape into different designs that other materials can’t be; at least not without being cut and then stuck together, which creates areas of weakness in the finished product.

While on the subject of softening at high temperatures, we want to bust a popular myth about acrylic. Some people avoid using acrylic because they are worried about how hot their electronics can get. Don’t worry too much, as the melting point of acrylic is 160°C. Your computer isn’t likely to reach that temperature unless it set on fire, at which point you’d have more important things to worry about than your acrylic stand melting!