How to Clean Cloudy Acrylic Sheets and Windows?

People from different parts of the world have over the years realized that acrylic is one of the most valuable safety products. This is why its use has for a long time now replaced the use of glass. Acrylic is not only light and durable but it is impact and breakage resistance. This is what has made it admirable to users. However, it scratches more easily than glass. This is why it requires extra care and maintenance. Acrylic gets cloudy easily, so it is important that you learn how to clean it. Remember that it might not be very easy to clean acrylic that has been left cloudy for a long time. In case for any reason acrylic is left to get cloudy, you will require rebuffing it to get it back to its clear smooth surface.

When cleaning cloudy acrylic sheets, avoid using abrasive or harsh products because they will do harm to your acrylic sheets. They will add more scratches to the acrylic sheet that you are cleaning.  It is advisable that you use a soft microfiber cloth, lukewarm water and a detergent that is mild. These will clean all the scratches that are on your acrylic sheet to prevent it from becoming cloudy.

The following are instructions on how you can clean cloudy acrylic. Take warm water and a piece of clean microfiber cloth. Begin cleaning the acrylic sheet with circular motions. The circular motions should be gentle. Rinse your piece of cloth from time to time to ensure that you do not return dirt to the already cleaned parts of the acrylic sheet. Also remember to take extra caution when removing dirt from the sheet least you put more scratches to it. Keep polishing the sheet until you are certain that it does not need more cleaning. Whatever cleaner you decide to use, remember to avoid using one that is abrasive. Such a produce will only add scratches to the acrylic sheets that you are cleaning.

Using an a spare microfiber cloth, blot dry the acrylic sheet and then give it time to dry before carrying out any further cleaning. The next step is to have your buffing wheel ready which you attach to a drill. When buffing the sheet, begin from its centre.  The other precautionary measure that you should take when cleaning cloudy acrylic, you should never ever use a cleaner or polish that is ammonia based. Such a product will only cause further damage to your acrylic sheets by eating into them.